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Your Questions About Access Control as a Service, Answered

07/07/2019 No Comments

When you think about the simplest way to ensure the security of a building, the first thing that comes to mind is often a lock-and-key solution. That’s because restricting and granting access to a facility has been and continues to be a central component of protecting people and property for businesses across the world.

Today’s technological advancements have allowed us to take the concept of “access control” even further. Manufacturers are consistently strengthening their access control solutions and incorporating features for better business intelligence. As a result of adopting advanced access control technology, businesses can make even more informed decisions to streamline business operations without compromising (and even increasing) security posture. And while you might be familiar with the basic concept of access control technology, technological developments have added a new level of innovation that warrants a closer look.

With Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) taking over as the next wave of intelligent access control technology, we understand where confusion may arise. Here are answers to the most common questions we get around the Arcules access control offering.

What is Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)?

There’s an equation to help you figure this one out: access control + the cloud = ACaaS. Not good at math? We’ll break it down for you: ACaaS moves the management and maintenance of an access control system to the cloud. The cloud has proven to provide numerous benefits for end users (see: here) and integrators (see: here), making it an ideal location for access control data.

What’s the difference between traditional access control and ACaaS?

The installation of a legacy access control system typically involves an abundance of hardware and maintenance, which translates to a significant upfront investment and requires a robust on-site IT team to manage. ACaaS lets small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) save time and investment through a simple installation and the transfer of data management to the integrator.

How did we get to this point?

Though a lack of education about the cloud initially hindered its widespread adoption, we’re now starting to see more customers demand product flexibility and agility, more intuitive functionality, and solutions that are more integrated than ever before. Cloud-based options, such as ACaaS, meet these requirements, opening up a world of opportunities for improving overall security.

What are the main advantages of ACaaS?

There are many (we're biased), but we’ll try to keep it short. ACaaS is valuable in contributing to the ability of organizations, and SMBs in particular, to be more proactive and intelligent in their risk management and data analysis. Through benefits such as remote monitoring, enhanced cybersecurity, automatic alerts and more, ACaaS enables SMBs to establish a proactive approach to security.

How does video relate to ACaaS?

We’re so glad you asked. Correlating video surveillance data with access control events creates the ability to associate cameras with doors, view the live status of doors, authorize access to grant or restrict permissions and more — all within one unified and user-friendly interface with remote capabilities for instant access.

What trends will we see impact ACaaS moving forward?

As the shift from on-premise storage and management to cloud-based services continues, we can expect to see the desire for day-to-day business intelligence insights fuel the adoption of ACaaS. Additionally, we can’t forget about cybersecurity. Manufacturers are factoring in cybersecurity more and more to a product’s design, with a layered approach across its lifecycle for consistent protection; this will play a significant role in the development of access control technology into the future.

The buzzwords and acronyms that fill today’s security industry might be overwhelming at times, but ACaaS is one you’ll want to remember as it will only continue to become more prominent. If you still have more questions, feel free to contact us or learn more about what ACaaS can do for your organization.